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Simplify your beauty routine

Meet our uplifting and polishing face soap with pink clay and grapefruit. Rich in vitamin C and shea butter for a glowing complexion.

A boost of vitamin C!

Our luxurious facial cleansing bar with French Pink Clay and Grapefruit will leave your skin feeling silky smooth without drying your skin.

Pink Clay & Grapefruit


Meet our luxurious face soap with Pink Clay and Grapefruit, rich in vitamin C and beta-caretone to aid collagen production and improving hyperpigmentation.

Known for its polishing properties Pink Clay provides a gentle exfoliation of all clays, while Grapefruit tones and energises and brightens the sin.

Grapefruit and Bergamot pure essential oils have been added to this soap for its antimicrobial properties and leave your skin with a fresh citrusy scent.  

Facial Cleansing Bar

It contains shea butter which is incredibly nourishing and moisturising, protecting the skin’s natural oils.

Naturally scented with grapefruit and a hint of bergamot pure essential oil. Well suited to all skin types from its calming and antiseptic properties.