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Make your bathroom routine even greener

At Marie's Artisan Soaps we believe in the value of sustainable living.

Our Ethical Accessories have been selected carefully to ensure that these are natural, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our collection

Shop Earth friendly accessories. Carefully selected and designed to complement our existing range of handmade soaps.

Soap saver

Hemu wood

Don’t leave your soap in a puddle!

This soap saver will keep your natural handmade and any soaps drained well between uses, allowing your soaps to stay dry and last longer. Discover our range of soap savers today.

Ceramic soap dish


Smarten up your bathroom, cloakroom or kitchen with this high-quality ceramic soap dish. The soap dish fits our soap collection perfectly keeping your bathroom organised, elegant and tidy.

Luxury scrub sponges


These accessories are a must to have!  Who doesn't want soft and luxurious skin?

Both, the Bamboo Bag and Snug Jute Mitt and are completely biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Foot stone

Volcanic lava

A Therapeutic mixture of basaltic minerals, silicon, magnesium, iron and oxygen which creates the holes in the stone easily remove dry, dead skin from body, hands and feet.

Face towel


Luxurious, soft and ultra-absorbent towels made from 100% Indian Cotton for added lavish thickness.

Nail & body brush

Nail Care

The perfect bath accessory for exfoliating and scrubbing up!

Keep your hands and feet clean and healthy with our eco-friendly nail and mini foot brush.