Our PLASTIC FREE kitchen cleaning kit is made from carefully considered, eco-friendly and 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable materials.

This is the perfect kit to start your plastic-free journey, it is also a great conscious gift!


This kit contain an Eco-Block Dish Soap + Soap Saver + Bamboo Scrub Brush.

  • Pick one Eco-Block Dish Soap of your choice: Critrus / Unscented.
  • The Bamboo Scrub Brush is made of natural coconut fibers and bamboo, durable brushes and can last for a long time use, safe to use in cookware and tableware. Fits comfortably in your hand, makes it easy to apply pressure for tough scrubbing, lightweight and portable to hold and control.
  • The Soap Saver design is pefect to let used soap drain and dry naturally keeping your soap well ventilated. It is made from natural tendere wood, the product may produce woody primary colours after a long time use, but it doesn't affect the use. Plese note that our soap saver design may vary from time to time.


Biodegradable    Eco-Friendly    Cruelty-Free    Organic    Vegan   Plastic-Free   Zero-Waste




  • We recommend to wash & dry the soap saver after each use or at the end of day, you can place a dry cloth underneaht to absorbe the water, this way your soap saver will last longer. 

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