" Inspired by the beautiful Scottish moorlands, glens and hills"


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I am Marie and using an ancient cold process method we create our soaps using the best natural ingredients.

Marie's Artisan Soaps is a family run business based in North Queensferry, a small village in the region of Fife.

All our organic botanicals and pure essential oils are delicately blended in our workshop to create an unique

scent and a special soap to indulge your skin.

Our soaps are handcrafted to the last detail, hand-cut and hand-wrapped individually to make each bar very special.

We produce the highest quality products in the most sustainable manner possible to respect the environment.

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"We love nature and are very conscious of finding ways to reduce waste by using recycled, ethical and eco-friendly materials to produce and finish our products". Marie's Artisan Soaps .


Our soaps are produced in our workshop carefully using an ancient cold process method in individual batches which are hand stirred and poured into individual log moulds letting them cure for 6 weeks.
Our oils are infused with herbs and organic botanicals to extract the benefits and healing properties of the plant. 
Pure essential oils are delicately blended to create a unique scent and aromatherapy properties.
Hand-crafted to the last detail, hand-cut and-hand wrapped individually we make sure that each bar is special.
We design and print our own labels and we like minimising our use of packaging using recyclable materials.
None of our products are tested on animals, only friends and family.
All our soaps and outdoors photographs are taken by ourselves as photography is one of our family hobbies too.
Our aim and joy come from creating a beautiful hand-crafted soap that is natural, sustainable and vegan, affordable and with that special touch.

North Queensferry, Fife, Scotland.


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