" Inspired by the beautiful Scottish moorlands, glens and hills"

At Marie's Artisan Soaps we produce and handcraft high quality Soaps using Organic Vegetable Oils, Clays, Organic Botanicals and Pure Essential Oils. 

Artisan soaps that are hand stirred and responsibly made to create the perfect bar of soap for you and your family.

Created for all skin types, our soaps are gentle, creamy and with tons of luxurious lather.

We create and blend the essential oils in house making each scent totally unique. 

Enjoy a luxurious bar of soap combined with the pure and natural aromatherapy from the essential oils.

Plant Based
Planet Friendly
Cruelty Free
Eco Packaging
Soap bars and soap making ingredients is

Our Ethos

"We love nature and are very conscious of finding ways to reduce waste by using recycled, ethical and eco-friendly materials to produce and finish our products" 

All our products are 100% Natural - Cruelty-Free & Vegan
Our Packaging is 100% Recyclable & Compostable

Hands & Body

Handcrafted Soap with Natural and

High Quality Ingredients

Bath Salts


Handcrafted Mineral Bath Salts

with Natural and Organic Botanicals



Luxury Gift Sets to pamper yourself

or someone you love

Blonde Wavy Hair


Go Plastic Free with our selection of

Conditioner and Shampoo bars



Eco-Friendly Bath Sponges 


Bamboo Accessories

Soap Bars


Eco-Block Dish Soaps


Accessories for a Plastic Free Kitchen

All our botanicals are infused in advance in organic olive oil to extract the properties of the plant, adding skin-loving properties to the oil.

Botanicals and Clays offer a variety of potential skin soothing benefits, but also adds texture and colour to our handcrafted soaps.

Natural Colorants including seeds and powders add nutrients to the soap bringing the safe and quality artisan products for you and your family.

*Our Natural Soaps can vary slightly in colour, design and weight due to their handmade nature.